Perform Quality Check on Product / Material

Source Inspection is a quality inspection in which Buyer requires the quality check before the material received. So the Buyer or its representative performs a quality inspection at the vendor’s location to make sure all requirements are fulfilled in accordance to codes, standards and specifications.

Who is the “Buyer”?
The “Buyer” can be anybody who orders a kind of equipment or parts such as pressure equipment or its parts (base materials, flanges, valves, welding consumables etc.), piping spools, structures etc.

The “Buyer” in API’s point of view might be the plant or facility owner, the main contractor or the equipment manufacturer. 

Why do we need “Source Inspection”?
The manufacturing of equipment is becoming more and more competitive, but the product quality shall remain at a high level. In order to assure this high quality level, the future owner of the equipment might carry out vendor audits or might be actively involved in quality inspections. Many Codes, such as ASME B31.3 require an owner’s inspector to witness the production and testing carried out by the manufacturer and to inspect the equipment in accordance to owner’s specifications.


Available for In-House (Upon Request) Only.