Fulfilling the Material Standard

Some purchasers require their purchased materials to come with specific kind of material certificates, or material manufacturer are required to issue some so called “Mill Certificates” or “Material Test Reports”.

Have you ever wondered…

  • Very often we can read in purchaser’s specifications:
    “Material shall be tested and delivered in accordance to EN 10204 3.2”. But what does 
    EN 10204 really require?
  • How to create a material certificate or how to review material certificates?
  • Who is allowed to sign and stamp material certificates?
  • How to write material purchasing specifications for pressure equipment components?

Material Certificates / Mill Certificates (ISO10474 / EN10204) for Pressure Equipment & Steel Structure Components provides participants a comprehensive overview about Material Certificates and Test Reports. Participants will learn how to develop Material Purchasing Specifications, carry out a document review during material income inspection and issue material re-stamping reports.


Available for In-House (Upon Request)



IDC Training House, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia