According to most of the inquiries, organisations are facing challenges in building up leaders to lead a team. Have you seen anyone who does work with flying colors loses his/her flame when it comes to leading a team? You may wonder, what is wrong with them? 

There is nothing wrong with them. They need proper guidance on how to be a leader.

Most companies promote employees without equipping them with the right set of leadership and managerial skills. Eventually, this contributes to the high turnover rate due to untrained leaders. Subordinates lose confidence in themselves or the company and undesirable, most would then decide to leave the company. 

To avoid this from happening, your leaders, supervisors and managers ought to be upgraded in term of their skill sets, knowledge and mindset.

Listed below are some highly recommended courses: 


Training, Learning & Development

  • Competency Based Interview
  • How To Conduct And Implement A Training Needs Analysis
  • Behavioural Interviewing Skills
  • Train the Trainer (TTT)
  • Training Needs Analysis


Managing Diversity

  • Intercultural Understanding & Collaboration Across Cultures
  • Managing Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs): Tool to Discover Personalities, Enhance Team Productivity & Reduce Conflicts
  • Unlocking the Keys to Managing Generation Y


Leadership & Management

  • Dynamic Teamwork for Dynamic Performance
  • Business in Turbulent: How to build your business & niche in any economy
  • Performance Management by Evaluation
  • Psychology for People Management
  • Resilient Leadership skills using NLP
  • Anger Management & Violence Prevention Skills
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Effective Management & Leadership Skill using NLP
  • Manage Conflict Gracefully



Soft Skills in Mandarin by Taiwan Trainer

  • 21世纪领导者的修炼『由对话引导凝聚团队共识』凝聚共识方向一致  Cultivation of 21st Century Leaders - Reaching Group Consensus Through Dialogue
  • 开启销售的服务技巧   Turning Service into Sales
  • 人际关系建立与沟通技巧提升及服务与客诉处理”心”技巧  Interpersonal & Communication Skill Improvement &  Dealing with Customer Complaints with Your hear


  • English / Mandarin / Business Communication


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