This course is designed to equip inspectors engineers and technicians the correct methods and procedures to properly verify and inspect Engineered Composite Repair System (ECR Systems) throughout the repair process of piping systems. It has been built upon decades of data gleamed from industrial usage, testing, industry standards, and practical experience with composite materials.


It will be highly beneficial to any user of composite materials for pipe repair (but also for authorities) to establish a firm foundation of knowledge and understanding of the needs of these systems to ensure successful usage. Topics covered include different types of ECR systems and repair design, engineering assessment forms and design / calculation documents, critical hold prints and quality control forms, proper preparation of surface and mixing of materials as well as other items relevant to the usage of ECR systems.


The inspection methods, techniques, and processes discussed in this course will work with ECR Systems to ensure proper installation and working conditions regardless of the specific product system being used.


Course Objective

The course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to:


  • Learn the basics of Engineered Composite Repair systems, their components, and process for implementation.
  • Learn the basics of various tools used within the process of the ECR Systems installation and inspections such as durometers, surface preparation tools and methods, and profile measurement tools and techniques
  • Learn the process and requirements as provided within the ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 and ISO 24817 for qualification, design, installation, and inspection of composite repair systems.
  • Learn about proper documentation, inspection techniques, failure modes, and failure analysis processes as they relate to composite repair systems.


Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to inspect and validate the installation of ECR systems in their facilities, and/or anyone overseeing the team who is providing the installation services.
  • Anyone who wishes to perform post-installation inspection services for future inspection and recommissioning or revalidating in-service composite repair systems.
  • Highly recommended to:
    •  Plant inspector
    • Site engineers
    • Reliability engineers
    • Pipeline inspectors,
    • Painting / coating inspectors,
    • Plant maintenance department personnel, &
    • Others who may be required or desires to inspect an ECR System which is installed for the repair and rehabilitation of pipelines or piping systems with composite materials.
    • Authorities


This course also prepares delegate for this certification Exam:
* TUV / IICS 2.9  Certified Composite Repair System (CRS) Inspector



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Public Training:

Course Date:


13 - 16 JUL 2020 (4 Days)
IDC Training House, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


P/S: Available for In-House (Upon Request)