Your Progress, Our Concern

IDC Training House Sdn Bhd started humbly in 1996, commencing business as a language centre. As a small business entity, its operation was hit during the economic downturn in 1997. Our founder was challenged with its first dilemma whether to alter or to remain its core business in order to stay in the business world. A tough decision was made to venture into an untapped area of Technical Trainings for the Oil & Gas industry at that time. New skills were learnt and adopted with an aim for success.

As of today, IDC Training House has progressed to organize top-notch programs and workshops on Soft Skills, Leadership, Management, Teambuilding, Management Systems, and Technical competencies. Being a member of IDC Group, IDC Training House upholds the core values, ethics and principles in every business conduct.

Through collaborations with profoundly experienced Trainers from both local and foreign pool of talents, more than 5,000 participants from at least 52 countries have experienced our services. By believing “People Are Our Greatest Asset”, it is indeed an enthusiastic privilege to serve this industry.

Recognitions from government and international body have proven that our business is built to last with progressive growth and interest towards our clients and staff needs.


To inspire individuals to attain higher level of self achievement and productivity through high quality and effective delivery of training programs.


To be recognized as premier provider of human resource development for both local and international markets.


Your Progress, Our Concern.


Our Achievements

Registered with
Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia
Training Provider
since year 2002

Registered with
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
since year 2007

Winner of
Excellence Service Quality
on 15 July 2012


IDC Stands For..

Staff development is an instillation of guidance and talent. Our company will induce a learning experience that guarantees the growth of staff productivity and achievements.

Our concern originates from the yearning to improve. To achieve improvement and growth, we share the taste of achievements through experience of learning. What it can offer, there is only desire for more.

By stepping through our door, we ensure that you leave with apparent results and innovation. Our service entails measurable improvement and service satisfaction that will assist each and everyone progressively.

Why Us

  • We are training providers that keep the market from having your staff for breakfast.
  • We show our clients opportunities by pointing them in the right direction providing with the right skill tools.
  • The corporate professionalism is our line of trade; what the market demands as we make them here.