Have you heard of the story of The Five Fingers seeking glory when being thrown at a task – picking up a paper on the ground? For all five fingers claim that they are the most important and tried to pick up the paper by its own. At the end, the realized that only by working together, they could complete the task easily. 

Same goes to any of the organization. Every department in the Organization is important. Each one supports the other.

By improving 1% every day in your own department, with reading, attending courses or seminars, surfing on net, you will see a big difference as time goes by.  

We use simple yet impactful activities, audios or videos to impart the messages to the audience through these courses: 


Team Building

  • The Urban Race ~ a.k.a. Amazing Race
  • Finish Strong
  • Positive Power Bus
  • Tribal Planet ~ a.k.a. Survivor
  • M.O.V.E. on Superb Mindset
  • Align! Beyond Teambuilding / Aligning Teams with A Common Purpose


Sales & Negotiation (English / Mandarin)

  • High Sales Effectiveness using NLP
  • Psychology of Influencing & Negotiation Using NLP
  • Are you still a sales Campion?
  • Key Account Management Sales Skills
  • Sales Motivation using NLP
  • Smart Selling Skills
  • Ultimate Persuasive Selling Skills using NLP
  • Winning Sales through Consultative Selling


Service Line & Hospitality

  • Art of Handling Difficult Customers
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Your Image, Your Brand
  • Phone Calls that People Remember
  • Retail Selling and Front Line Customer Service Skills
  • The Art of Diners for Top Management / Directors


Quality, Production, Process Improvement & Maintenance Management

  • 5S - The Japanese Art of Achieving Success at Workplace
  • Chemical Safety
  • Occupational Safety And Health Awareness
  • Practical KAIZEN for Continuous Improvement
  • Pumps & Compressors Fundamentals
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Safety Incidents Investigation


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