Helping Coal-Fired Power Plant to Run More Efficiently


The Coal Quality and Combustion is designed specifically to answer the questions about coal quality, plant performance and pollution control issues.

This class will introduce the attendee to laboratory coal analysis and how to utilize the results to predict power plant performance.
It will also covers how coal quality affects boiler performance, cost, efficiency, and pollution.


Course Objective

The course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to:

  • Be well prepared and equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to pass the API 571 Exam.
  • Have a general background on the scope, organization and use of API 571 and be able to review the standards and other references related to it.


Who should attend?

  • Power and Cement plants operation, production and maintenance engineers
  • Fuel Procurement Managers
  • Plant Chemists
  • Plant Performance Engineers
  • Power Plant Project Engineers
  • Coal Mining Engineers and Coal Marketers



Available for In-House (Upon Request) Only.