Compliance with industry standards is vital!

Being compliant with industry standards is essential to reduce costs, protect equipment, improve plant reliability & productivity, facilitate trade, and prevent environmental hazard as well as saving human lives.

Any design should take into account the most likely failure modes and causes of deterioration. In general terms, outright failure of a properly designed, constructed, operated and maintained equipment is rare. 


Simplified, clear, concise, easy, self-motivated, useful, interesting, practical… this is how our participants describe our courses.

These courses are engineered to perfection for Technical professionals who strive to understand and interpret Design and Fabrication Codes requirements. Attending our courses helps add value to your professional career as information is presented in a hands-on and practical way that can be applied to real world situations.


What our participants say after attending our courses:

“What I like most about the Training is the simplification.”

“After explained by the Trainer, I am more familiar with the ASME code. I found that ASME is not as difficult as we thought. Makes our life simpler and easier.”

“The presentation material is neat and almost complete; especially the little note given to stick onto the ASME code, very helpful!”