First Online Training In IDC!!

As society and business will be affected by the "new normal" due to COVID-19 pandemic, so as the training and educational environment.

New rules on social distancing and worldwide travel restriction means that training providers not only have to rethink how training programs can be done to meet these requirements, but also need to innovate beyond the conventional physical/ face-to-face training.

Evaluating the need to breakthrough and better serve our global clients amid this challenging environment, IDC is now pleased to announce that our online platform is finally ready to for a soft launch and we are bringing you our very first online technical course - ASME IX "Welding Qualification" Code Simplified!!

Unlike the traditional method where the course is done in a 3 - 4 full day training, this online program will be divided into 6 sessions (Friday to Sunday), with each session lasting around 3 - 4 hours to ensure you have an optimal online learning experience! At the end of the training, there will be an online exam where you can get certification by IICS too!!

Here's a brief breakdown on how each session will look like:

Session Date & Day Time/ Duration
Session 1 24 July 2020 (Friday) 1500 - 1800 (3 hours)
Session 2 25 July 2020 (Saturday) 0900 - 1300 (4 hours)
Session 3 26 July 2020 (Sunday) 0900 - 1300 (4 hours)
Session 4 31 July 2020 (Friday) 1500 - 1800 (3 hours)
Session 5 01 August 2020 (Saturday) 0900 - 1300 (4 hours)
Session 6 02 August 2020 (Sunday) 0900 - 1300 (4 hours)

Interested to give it a try on our online training? Simply drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.