Dear all,

In view of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and a sudden spike in the number of confirmed cases in Malaysia, IDC will be putting on-hold all technical programs that involve international trainers until further notice.

The decision is to minimise the risk of any cross-country spreading of virus, as well as to safeguard our participants' well-being and ensure a safe environment during our ongoing training.

While IDC will still proceed with courses that are conducted by local trainers (eg: Mr Lutz Seibt and Mr KK Kwan), we are undertaking all precautionary measures to keep our training facility and environment safe.

Some of the actions include:
  1. Mandatory daily temperature taking for all participants
  2. Provision of hand sanitizer
  3. Continuous monitoring of participants' well being and potential symptoms relating to COVID-19
  4. Mandatory declaration from participants on travelling record(s) in the past 30 days

IDC will continue to monitor the outbreak severity and adjust accordingly on our training schedule. We will resume our courses involving international trainer once the situation is recovering.

You may visit our social media platforms or website to receive latest updates and news on our technical programs:

Lastly, do practice personal hygiene and wear a mask to protect yourself from any potential risks of infection. 

Best regards,
IDC Training House Sdn Bhd