Meet our Expert in Corrosion & RBI

Equipment reliability are extremely important as downtime and equipment failures can severely affect the productivity and operations in an Oil & Gas business.

As a result, managing and understanding potential damage based on operating conditions is extremely important.

If you are serious about increasing your plant safety & reliability, and optimizing operational cost, don't miss this opportunity to meet our trainer, Mr. Balos in Malaysia! 


API 571 Corrosion & Materials Professional 

17-22 February 2020
  This course will provide you the knowledge to:
  • Understand general damage mechanisms applicable to the industry.
  • Describe damage mechanisms on high temperature corrosion including oxidation, sulfidation, carburization and metal dusting.
  • Determine corrosion rate, location and opportunities for mitigation and so on. 
API 580/ 581 Risk Based Inspection Professional

24-28 February 2020
  This course will provide the skills in:
  • Assessing Probability of Failure.
  • Document method for determining Consequence of Failure.
  • Document method for managing risk through inspection or other methods and many more. 

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